Local Rules

Minors Softball Division



  • Weekday games start at 6:00 p.m. All games will have a drop dead time limit 10 minutes before sunset or 8 pm whichever is earliest. For weekend games, the drop dead time limit is 2 hours.In the event that this drop dead time falls within an uncompleted inning, score of record will be the score at the end of the last full inning played. Pitch counts continue until the end of play. A complete game is 5 innings.


  • The concession stand clock will serve as the official time and is where the sunset schedule will be posted.


  • No metal cleats.


  • Pitchers may take up to 8 pitches between innings; no more.


  • Home team has the 3rd base dugout; visitors have the 1st base dugout.


  • If the home team is up by 10 runs in the middle of the 3rd inning or either team is up by 10 runs in the bottom of the 4th inning the 10-run rule will take effect. The game may continue until all 5 innings have been completed (to allow for practice).The scoreboard will be turned off and no runs are added to the official score.


  • Three Little League qualified coaches maximum per dugout.


  • Little League qualified= has an I.D. badge and background on file with EVYB.


  • Home team shall keep the official scorebook.


  • If an umpire fails to show up, the home team must supply the home plate umpire and the visitor team must supply a base umpire.


  • Coaches must discipline players for poor sportsmanship, i.e. throwing helmets or bats, etc.Players who violate this rule will be subject to an additional out and will have to sit on the bench for a minimum of at least an inning.Coaches can use their discretion if they feel they need to sit a player for any other disciplinary reasons.


  • If a coach is sitting a player for disciplinary reasons, coach shall notify the EVYB player’s agent as to why this action took place.


    Warm up

  • Teams must warm up in the outfield prior to a game. No infield.


  • Players may not play pepper or take batting practice against any fencing.


  • Outfield batting practice permitted with wiffle balls only.




  • 9 players on Defense.


  • If a pitcher walks 3 consecutive batters in an inning a coach from the team batting will pitch and finish out the inning. Each batter that is facing an adult pitcher will only get 3 swings.


  • The pitch will stay and field their position for the remainder of the inning.


  • A hit by pitch includes a ball that hits a batter after hitting the ground.





  • All players bat. If a player arrives late they may be added to the bottom of the line-up. Once you have batted through the lineup the line-up is set and no players may be added.


  • Maximum 5 runs per inning, with no open innings.


  • Runners may advance however many bases they choose on any pitch. If a team is up by 7 runs or more there will be no further stealing or advancing on passed balls.

  • Stealing of home base is not allowed.


  • Players must slide if there is any play to be made.The slide must be feet first; however a player may dive back to a base if they are returning to that base.


  • The runner may leave the base once the ball leaves the pitcher’s hand. They may not advance to the next base until the ball crosses the plate.


  • No player shall sit out for 2 consecutive innings of any game.


    Unless otherwise stated here Little League International Rules apply.