Wednesday Night Baseball, hosted by EV Fall Baseball League
Due to low registration numbers, it has been decided that EV Fall Baseball will host Wednesday Night Baseball beginning August 30.
Every Wednesday, players who wish to play may come to Loftus Field and check in with a coach. EV Coaches will then provide 30 minutes of skill instruction. After that, two captains will be chosen who will in turn pick players to be on their team. Those teams will then play each other in a "sandlot" baseball game.
Instruction will begin at 5:30 PM sharp, games after 6:00 PM.
The closest thing to an adult on the field will be the umpire(s)---it will be necessary for Coaches to assist until participants understand the timeline the first few times through. After which, coaches will be as hands-off as possible.
Everyone will play, even if that means a fourth outfielder, or a seventh infielder.
There are no jerseys, no official team hats. Kids can wear shorts if they wish. The only prerequisite is they come to have fun and play a game.
Parents will be encouraged to clap and cheer, they will be discouraged from instructing their kid to "make better throws," "run faster," or "swing the bat."
We have come to the determination that this is the best action to take. The prospect of pushing back the Fall Ball season, in which daylight then becomes an issue, or not playing at all was unacceptable. Players who REGISTERED & PAID will be refunded the $30 dollar amount. EVYB will issue refund checks, and mailed in the next ten days.
As organizers/coaches, we have the plan. However, until the day of, we are not exactly sure how this is going to look. We only encourage you and your player to come out for Wednesday Night Baseball starting August 30.
Thank you

by posted 08/25/2017
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